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How Many Types Are Medical Masks Divided Into?

At present, China's medical masks are mainly divided into three types: "medical protective masks" with the highest level of protection, "medical surgical masks" commonly used in invasive operating environments such as operating rooms, and "disposable medical masks" of general level.

1. "Medical protective mask" has a good fit to the wearer's face, can filter particles in the air, block droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions and other pollutants, and have a filtration efficiency of 95% or more for non-oily particles (this sentence means that it can reach the N95 medical mask level), which is a commonly used personal protective equipment to deal with airborne diseases. Common medical protective masks are arched, in butterfly-shape and so on.

2. "Medical surgical masks" are medical masks commonly used in operating rooms and other environments where there is a risk of body fluids and blood splashing. They can block blood and body fluids from passing through the mask and contaminate the wearer. At the same time, the filtration efficiency of bacteria is more than 95%, but the particles filtration efficiency is limited. And it is mostlydesigned as rectangular, and the tightness with the face is not as tight as that of medical protective masks. Common medical surgical masks include strap-on type and ear-hook type.

3. Ordinary medical masks have many names. Medical masks without the words "protection" and "surgical" in the name are all ordinary medical masks. This level of masks does not require blood barrier effect, nor does it have tightness. Therefore, it is only used in general medical environment. Common general medical masks are mostly ear-hook type, and their appearance is similar to ear-hook surgical masks.


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