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The Difference between Surgical Masks and Dust Masks

The two main types of masks are surgical masks and dust masks, which have different functions, standards, and purposes. Today let's learn the difference between surgical masks and dust masks.

First, surgical masks

Surgical masks are disposable medical devices, mainly made of non-woven fabrics, and are often used by surgeons during operations. Such masks are managed in accordance with medical device standards. It has strict standards for the filtration performance of pathogens and dust particles. The filtration effect of bacteria must be greater than 95%, and the filtration of non-oily particles must be greater than 30%. Obviously, medical-surgical masks have a much better protective effect than ordinary masks. They can block most bacteria and some viruses in the air. Therefore, when you go to the hospital for treatment or visits, if your own immunity is relatively low, or you need to contact patients at risk of respiratory infections, or during the epidemic of respiratory infectious diseases, it is a good idea to wear a bare medical surgical mask in crowded places.

Second, dust masks

Dust masks are a type of respiratory protective equipment, and the main object of protection is particulate matter, which includes dust, fog, smoke, and microorganisms (also called aerosols). The particles that can enter the deep part of the human lungs are very small, usually below 7 microns in size. They are called respirable dust, which is harmful to health and is the culprit of various types of pneumoconiosis. Therefore, dust masks usually cover the mouth, nose, and chin of a person, relying on a certain three-dimensional structure design to form a space sealed with the face, and relying on people to inhale to force the polluted air to be filtered for breathing. The body of the dust mask is usually made of a particulate-proof filter material, which is fixed by a headband or ear strap. The seal of the face and nose is usually shaped with the help of metal nose clips, which can also be achieved by other methods and some add the sealing gasket at the clip part. Since the mask has no replaceable parts, it needs to be discarded as a whole after it fails. It is also called a disposable mask or maintenance-free mask.


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