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How to Choose a Children Face Mask for Your Child?

"I can't breathe with a mask", which is the experience of many children wearing a mask for the first time. Wearing a mask is like setting up a "filter barrier" for your respiratory system. This barrier not only needs to block particles, droplets, etc., but also to ensure smooth breathing.

Some parents choose medical supply N95 masks for their children for epidemic protection, which is completely unnecessary for daily protection. This is because the masks for children should pay attention to ventilation now, and the resistance of ventilation should be low, the requirement is less than 30 Pa, because the breathing volume of the child's lungs is relatively fragile. The resistance of the N95 mask is too large, and the ventilation resistance is basically around 340 Pa, which is actually unhealthy for children's breathing. The difference between 340 Pa and 30 Pa in the current national standard is about 10 times. Although it is safe for a child to wear it, his breathing, heart, and blood supply may be severely damaged.

1. Be careful of cartoon chidren face masks

For children, children face masks with cartoon patterns are obviously more attractive to them. But is such a mask safe and will the protective effect be good? It is stipulated in the mask group standard that the fabric in direct contact with the skin shall not be dyed, but this requirement does not apply to the outer layer of the mask. Whether the outer layer of the mask is dyed and whether there are various patterns is designed by the medical mask manufacturers, the standard does not require it.

2. Choose a children face mask that fits the size of face

Regarding the selection of the size of children face masks, the mask group standard also has large (L), medium (M), and small (S) specifications for children face masks. The small size is generally suitable for children aged 3-6, and the medium size is suitable. For children 6-9 years old, large size is generally recommended for children over 10 years old. Due to the individual differences in the growth and development of children, the selection of masks by age group is only for reference. Parents are choosing children face masks that match the size of their faces after trying them on for their children. In addition, children under one year old should not wear masks.


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