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How Long Can Disposable Mouth Masks Be Used?

How long a disposable mouth mask can be used depends on the type of the mask, the users, the environment and other factors.

Under normal circumstances, disposable mouth masks are recommended to be replaced at least once every 4 hours. When masks are in short supply, masks can be reused if their appearance is pollution-free and undamaged. If the mask is wet by liquid, contaminated or damaged, or the user feels the breathing resistance increases, the mask should be replaced immediately.

Whether the mask can play a good protective role is related to the wearing time and correct wearing method. First of all, you should wash your hands before wearing the mask or avoid touching the inner side of the mask with your hands during wearing the mask, so as to reduce the possibility of contamination of the mask. When you wear it, you should distinguish the inside, outside, upper edge and lower edge of the mask. The light color side is inside, which should be attached to the mouth and nose. The dark side should face outwards. The edge with metal strip (nose clip) is the upper edge of the mask. When wearing disposable medical mouth masks, the folded masks should be fully unfolded. Cover the mouth, nose and jaw completely with a mask, and then press the nose clip. Make the mask completely fit the face and minimize the gap.


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