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Medical/Surgical Mask

The European standard for face mask surgical disposable is EN14683. According to the standard, types of surgical masks are divided into three categories: TYPE Ia/TYPE II/TYPE IIR. Type Ia is used for patients and other people during epidemics, and Type II and Type IIR are used for medical staff. Need to meet the requirements of European Union (EU) 2017/745 (new version of medical device MDR).

Surgery Mask List

Blue Surgical Mask

Blue surgical mask is a popular product in worldwide selling. It can cut off pollutants that affect our health. It is economical, practical, fashionable and protective. View more details.

White Surgical Mask

White surgical mask not only can be used by medical staff but also wear it in our daily life to resist bacteria, dust and some pollutants in the air. Choose Shijie white surgical mask to protect your health.

Why to Buy Surgical Mask ? 

1. Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), (%) ≥98%.

2. Differential pressure (Pa/cm2) <60 Pa/cm2.

3. Splash resistance pressure(kPa)≥16,0

4. Microbial cleanliness (cfu/g) ≤30cfu/g.

(Meets EN14683:2019,Type IIR)


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