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Development Trend of Medical Gowns Materials

In the process of fighting against COVID-19 epidemic, most products in Chinese market use composite nonwovens as medical gown materials. However, it has some problems such as poor air permeability, comfort or insufficient strength. The market urgently needs high-performance, lightweight, soft and breathable materials to improve the comfort and usability of medical gowns. There are several new medical gown materials at home and abroad.

Elastic Nonwoven Material

In the process of medical treatment, the medical staff are in different motion states. However, the conventional nonwovens at present lack elasticity. Squatting or large-scale movements will cause tearing of medical gowns. Compared with ordinary nonwovens, elastic nonwovens have superior elasticity, shrinkage and comfort, which is a new research hotspot in nonwovens industry. Elastic nonwovens have been widely used in diaper waist and side circumference. At present, micro-elastic fabrics have been widely used to reduce the restraint of clothing on human motion. Therefore, the medical gown design can adopt the use of micro-elastic fabrics to improve the practicality and comfort of medical gowns.

Composite Membrane Material

The most important function of medical gowns is the protection. Composite membrane materials can not only improve the protection efficiency, but also effectively improve the mechanical properties of medical gowns. Organic silicon breathable composite membrane made of porous membrane and organic silicon is composed of composite membrane, waterproof layer, sponge layer, fiber layer, organic silicon layer and double-sided adhesive pad. Among them, the surface waterproof layer can realize waterproof and anti-seepage functions. Uniform and equal-density air holes in the sponge layer can realize certain functions of air permeability, buffering and the like. Silicone layer can further enhance waterproof function. Composite multilayer membrane represented by this kind of material has been used in outdoor protective clothing and other materials. In addition, polystyrene (PS) is used as raw material, PS and PET are combined by electrospinning technology to make composite membrane, and PU membrane is added to the composite membrane to modify the composite membrane. The composite membrane made by this method has good air permeability, flexibility and tensile properties. It can be widely used in the field of medical protective materials.  


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