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CE Standard Mask

CE standard mask is disposable respirators that can be divided into three categories: FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3 mask. CE face mask provided by Shijie has a good protective effect, can meet the daily travel protection standards.  CE mask is approved by the European Economic Area for safety, health, and environmental protection standards, you can choose it trustfully.

CE Standard Masks List

FFP2 Mask

FFP2 mask is made of high-quality facial mask non-woven fabric, And it can well protect the health of the respiratory system and protect your breathing. It is suitable for Office, home, salon and simply the general public.

FFP3 Mask

FFP3 mask's exhale valve lets workers breathe easy and stay cool, adjustable nose clip helps ensure a custom, secure seal with fewer pressure points and lightweight design is suitable for long periods of wear.

FFP1 vs FFP2 & FFP3 masks - What's the difference?

Masks bearing the CE mark are approved for safety, health and environmental protection standards. The European standard EN149 defines the following classes of “filtering facial parts": FFP1 filters at least 80% of the particles; FFP2 filters at least 94% of the particles; FFP3 filters at least 99% of the particles.

  • FFP1 masks, filtering ≥80% of aerosols (total inward leakage<22%)

  • FFP2 masks, filtering ≥94% of aerosols (total inward leakage<8%)

  • FFP3 masks, filtering ≥99% of aerosols (total inward leakage<2%)


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