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Points! let's seview the knowledge points about masks together!

Q: How to wear a mask?

1. Before wearing a mask, you should wash your hands and choose a suitable size mask (children can choose a child size).

2. Determine the inner and outer layers of the mask:

Most masks are composed of three layers of materials. The outer layer prevents liquid splashing, the middle layer acts as a barrier to block germs, and the inner layer absorbs moisture and moisture released by the wearer.

Generally speaking, the waterproof layer (usually blue) of a mask faces outwards, the non-woven fabric (usually white) faces inwards, and the side with metal strips faces upwards.


3. If you choose a strap-on mask, tie the strap on the top of your head and behind your neck; if you choose an ear-hanging mask, wrap the elastic around your ears to make the mask close to your face.

4. Unfold the mask and completely cover the mouth, nose and chin.

5. Press the metal strip of the mask tightly along both sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the face.


6. After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask.

If you must touch the mask, wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching it.

Q: How to take off the mask?

1. Replace the mask in time. Generally speaking, masks are not recommended to be reused. In addition, if the mask is damaged or soiled, it should be replaced immediately.

2. Wash your hands before taking off the mask.

3. When taking off the strap-on mask, first untie the straps behind the neck, and then untie the straps at the top; when taking off the ear-hanging mask, remove the rubber band of the mask from both ears, and try to avoid touching the outward part of the mask, as this part may have been contaminated with germs.

4. Discard the removed mask in a covered trash bin, and then wash your hands immediately.


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