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Laser projectors (laser action projector) use laser beams to transmit images. The optical components of the laser beam projector are mainly composed of RGB light valve, X prism, projection lens and drive light valve.

The laser beam passes through the corresponding optical elements and the beam expansion of the processing chip in the machine, and then transmits to the X prism to integrate the three laser beams. Then the integrated laser is transmitted to the projection screen by the projection objective lens, and the entire display process of the digital laser projector is completed.

Shanghai DIDON Industrial is a professional laser projector manufacturer and supplier, we commit ourselves to provide advanced video processing technologies, solutions for projection display technology. We will establish more solutions in education, government, multimedia exhibition and other fields to provide customers with more competitive products, services.
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Company Introduction
As one of the leading multimedia products manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, Shanghai DIDON provides high-quality laser projectors for our customers. 

DIDON has the comprehensive product line in the aspects of picture display technology, edge-blending technology, picture processing technology, long-distance drive transmission technology and audio video switching technology in laser projector, and has obtained high research and development results.
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