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GB (China) Standard Mask

The Chinese national standard GB 2626-2006 "Non-powered air-purifying particle respirator" is a mandatory national standard in China, proposed by the Stated Administration of Work Safety, and by the National Standardization Technical Committee for Personal Protective Equipment (SAC/TC 112) Focus. From the perspective of the scope of application, this standard applies to ordinary non-powered air-purifying particle respirator that protects against various particulates, typically masks, and other special environments (such as hypoxic environment, underwater operation, etc.) are not applicable.

GB (China) Standard Mask List

Why choose Gb (China) Standard Mask?

1.The biggest feature of the KN95 mask is that it can prevent droplet infection caused by the patient's body fluid or blood splash. The size of the droplets is 1 to 5 microns in diameter. Wearing a bai KN95 face mask, the filtration efficiency of particles du with aerodynamic diameter ≥ 0.3 µm can reach more than 95%. The aerodynamic diameter of air bacteria and fungal spores mainly varies between 0.7-10 µm, which is also within the protection range.

2.It can be used for the respiratory protection of certain particulate matter, such as dust generated in the process of grinding, cleaning and processing minerals, flour and certain other materials. It is also suitable for liquid or non-oily non-oily volatile gases produced by spraying. Of particulate matter.

3.It can effectively filter and purify the inhaled abnormal odors (except toxic gases), help reduce the exposure level of certain inhalable microbial particles (such as mold, anthracis, tuberculosis, etc.), but cannot eliminate contact infection, illness or death risks of.


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