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Are Cloth Masks Effective?

The material of the cloth mask is non-woven fabric, which usually includes polypropylene spun-bonded non-woven fabric, polyester non-woven fabric, etc. With the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the demand for medical supplies in various places has surged. Many people are asking whether cloth masks are effective? Here are the answers.

Common cloth masks are disposable three-layer masks, which are made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper. The first layer of the disposable three-layer mask is spun-bond polypropylene (anti-allergic spunbond nonwoven fabric); the second layer is melt-blown polypropylene (anti-allergic melt-blown fabric); the third layer is spun-bond polypropylene (anti-allergic spunbond nonwoven fabric). The adjustable nose piece on the nose bridge of the mask has the function of an elastic ear hook, which is breathable and comfortable.

1. Function

Cloth masks can prevent dust, PM2.5, flu bacteria, droplets, and other harmful particles, etc., so, are cloth masks effective against flu? Cloth masks can only prevent the new coronavirus, but they cannot completely resist the virus.

2. Price

A cloth mask is several times cheaper than a disposable medical face mask.

3. Users

Usually are used in workshops and people buy them for ordinary needs.

It can be seen that cloth masks filter dust, gas, droplets, etc., but do not have the ability to prevent viruses, so cloth masks are mainly used in factory workshop production and people's daily life. If you want to prevent viruses, you can buy medical-surgical masks, which can help people prevent 70% of viruses.


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