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How to Identify the Authenticity of a Surgery Face Mask?

Whether it is for the new crown epidemic, prevention of influenza in autumn and winter, and prevention of pollen allergy in spring and summer, masks are important protective equipment that we cannot live without in our daily lives. There are generally three types of masks we commonly use: ordinary medical masks, medical surgery face masks and medical protective masks (such as KN95, N95). The general public can achieve the protection effect by wearing ordinary medical masks when they go out and wear them daily. Medical surgical masks will not be too suffocated and can achieve high protective effects. Therefore, during the epidemic or when going to crowded hospitals, stations and other indoor places, it is recommended to wear medical surgical masks with a higher safety factor. So how do we distinguish the authenticity of surgery face mask?

1. Look at the packaging

Does the name on the package have the word "surgery"? "Medical mask" ≠ "Medical surgery face mask". In addition, the printing of real masks is often more slender and clear. See if there are three items of license number, registration certificate number, and registered product standard printed on the package.

2. Smell the odor

Fake surgical face masks often have peculiar smells and stains, while real surgical face masks are usually odorless or have only a faint smell of activated carbon, and there should be no smell in places such as elastic bands.

3. Look at the color

If you buy a mask with a blue or pink outer layer, the real mask is usually very uniform in color and thickness.

4. Check the texture

Check whether the edge of the mask is compacted and thin without warping or cracking; whether the square indentation on the edge is neat and smooth. If the metal strip or plastic strip nose clip is exposed, whether it has a certain thickness and toughness, and no burrs on the edge will not hurt the skin.

5. Check the number of layers

Outer layer Spunbond non-woven fabric (anti-dropping) + middle layer Meltblown non-woven fabric (filter) + inner layer Spunbond non-woven fabric (hygroscopic), so you can take apart the mask to see the number of layers. And the surface material of the outer layer has electrostatic adsorption, which can stick hair and paper scraps; the meltblown non-woven fabric of the middle layer will not have an open flame when burned with fire; the moisture absorption of the inner layer can block water vapor from breathing or sneezing. Droplets can not easily pass through the qualified surgery face mask.


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