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Face Mask:In 2021, I “Protect” You!

The moment when I cover your nose and mouth is the eternal highlight of my short four-hour life.

Hello everyone! I am a mask, consisting of melt blown cloth, non-woven fabric, mask belt, and nose clip. I am an ordinary member of the medical supplies family.

I was born in China, the world's largest producer and exporter of masks. My family members have been spreading all over the world, and half of my relatives are my“Made in China" .

Today, my family has developed three main branches of medical masks: medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks.

Each of us performs our duties and work conscientiously. However, our life changed drastically this year:

It's difficult to buy one "mask"

"Everyone please wears a mask when going out!"

"Where can I buy masks now?"

"I heard that even the hospital can’t buy the mask..."

Starting from late January, 2020, people on the streets suddenly started talking about us. Everyone who met the day before still asked "have you eaten?" but "Where did you buy the mask?" on the next day.

We, who usually stayed silently in the corners of the shelves, suddenly became popular. Anxious people crowded the pharmacies and ran out of stock.

Only then did I know that a monster called the "Coronavirus" was spreading quietly. It would sneak into the lungs of humans, harm their bodies, and even swallow their lives.

Although I am thin, I am a powerful weapon for mankind to fight the virus. With the ability to block the spread of droplets, disease and health are separated by me when I cover people's mouth and nose.

As a result, my brothers and sisters scattered all over the country have been summoned to go to the front line and fight the virus wherever we are needed.

However, the problem also follows! As a consumable product, the recommended continuous wearing time of general medical surgical masks is only 4 hours, not to mention those medical workers who face the virus directly. The demand for protective materials such as masks by hospitals and doctors is far greater than the supply.


Although it takes only 0.5 second to produce a mask, a standard process of analysis and disinfection takes 7 days to half a month.

A "mask defense battle" has started!


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