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Selection of Anti Dust Mask

In the face of dusty working environment, even though companies take some technical precautions, dust still cannot be eliminated, and employees will be injured by dust. Therefore, personal protection is particularly important. How to better protect employees from dust? Which kind of anti-dust mask is effective? What should be considered when choosing anti-dust mask?

1. Types of anti-dust masks

The anti-dust mask can be divided into three grades: KN100, KN95, and KN90 according to the national standard. KN stands for dust, smoke, fog, microorganisms, etc., and the value represents the protection efficiency. The larger the value, the better the effect. KN100 dust masks can meet all kinds of harsh dust environment protection.

2. The airtightness of anti-dust masks

A good anti-dust mask can be perfectly combined with the face. The sealing effect of general-purpose masks varies from person to person, so it is recommended that you choose anti-dust masks of different sizes.

3. The comfort of anti-dust masks

From the material point of view, it is recommended to choose the silicone material for the dust mask. It is softer and more comfortable than other non-silicone materials, and it is not easy to cause skin allergic reactions. Masks made of non-silicone materials have higher hardness and are likely to cause facial indentation.

4. The smooth breathing of anti-dust masks

If you choose an anti-dust mask with double filter cotton and double filter surface, this kind of anti-dust mask has low breathing resistance and good air permeability.

5. The daily use cost of anti-dust masks 

Some disposable masks, which claim to be one yuan a day, are relatively cheap, but have a low level of protection and poor effect. Compared with duplex masks, although the unit price is high, the protection effect is good and the daily cost is low.


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